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IEEE Section

 Some research projects of IET

(1)  Large-Scale Coordinated Multi-Points with Cloud Radio Access – Towards an Efficient 5G Networks,

Project partners: Ruhr-Universität Bochum Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI), Berlin.

Research Team:    Dr.-Ing. Khaled Shawky Hassan

                                Prof. Dr. Ahmed El-Mahdy

                                Prof. Dr.-Ing. Aydin Siezgen

                                Dr.-Ing. Thomas Haustein

                                Dr.-Ing. Lars Thiele

(2)  An IoT Framework for Smart Energy Management,

Project partners: Fraunhofer IIS.

Research Team:   Dr. Amr El-Mougy

                               Dr. Amr Desouky

                               Dr. Tallal El Shabrawy

                               Dr. Mohamed Ashour

                               Dr. Amr Talaat


(3)  Design and Prototyping of Low Power Reconfigurable Networks-on-Chip for MPSoCs and Future Many Cores,

    Project partners: TU Darmstadt & Ruhr-Universität Bochum.


   Research Team:    Dr. Mohamed A. Abd El Ghany

                                    Prof. Diana Gohringer

                                   Prof. Klaus Hofmann

(4)  Design and Implementation of Dynamic Adaptive Network-on-Chip Architecture Supporting Real-Time Applications,

Project partners: Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, & TU Darmstadt

Research Team:    Dr. Mohamed A. Abd El Ghany

                                 Prof. Klaus Hofmann

(5)  Implementation of High Resolution DC Current Transformer for Particle Accelerators

German-Egyptian Research Fund (GERF),

Research Team:    Prof. Yasser Higazi

                           Dr. Eman Azab


Research clusters:

The GUC is committed to collaborate with a wide range of the industry and business sectors on research projects on the national and international levels. However the exact details of the various partners, collaborations and even the diverse ongoing research fields not known internally within the GUC or externally to the public. Our activities lead to important developments in key sectors, and our researchers are keen to build relationships with businesses and the community; however these activities are not publicized or acknowledged anywhere.Then, based on the GUC’s philosophy in fostering and promoting research, the university would like to emphasize and portray the research conducted at the university. We have five clusters that IET faculty is working on as follows:


-          Cluster I: Radio Frequency Techniques

-          Cluster II: Signal Processing & Telecommunications

-          Cluster III: Mobile Applications & Services

-          Cluster IV: Very Large Scale Integration

-          Cluster V: Power and Energy

              These clusters are supporting 6 research groups. These groups are:

(1)    RF and Microwave Engineering.

(2)    Wireless Telecommunication

(3)    Network Optimization, Mobile Services and Applications

(4)    Advanced digital design and System-On-a-Chip Design

(5)    Renewable energy systems

(6)    Optical structure


Research News:

·         Dr. Amr and Dr Abdel-Ghany had awarded a fund of 230,000 Ep from (ITIDA) for the research: Design and implementation of hardware internet of things (IOT) adaptive security supporting system”