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-  Network  Projects

Tallal Elshabrawy LoRa Fundamentals (Not a Thesis Topic)
GUC Parking System using LoRa LPWAN
A WebApp Network Emulator for Capacity Planning of LoRa Networks
Wireless Network Environment Modelling using ML Processed Images
TDoA LoRa Localization with RSSI Intelligence
Fusion of Sensor and RSSI Data in Collaborative Localization of IoT Devices
Enhancing Activity Classification within Video Frames using Context Awareness
Towards Better Feature Extraction of Video Frames for Deep Learning
Intelligent Radio Resource Management in O-RAN-Based 5G and Beyond Networks
An Asset Monitoring System using RFID
Mohamed Ashour Smarts Sports Projects
-Machine Learning based Athletic Video Performance Analysis
-Machine learning based athletic sensor performance analysis.
-Machine learning based localization 
Plant monitoring Projects
-Camera based plant status monitoring.
-Infrared Camera based plant status monitoring.
-3D Camera based plant status monitoring.
-Wireless deep soil moisture monitor
Open Radio Access Networks Projects
-O-RAN based proactive Automatic Neighbor Relation (ANR) optimization.
-5G: Optimization of Multicast Routing and Wireless Resource Allocation in D2D Communications.
-Coverage and capacity optimization in Self Organizing Networks.
-Optimization of Energy saving in Self Organizing Networks
Amr Talaat  
Maggie Mashaly All Projects
Minar Elaassar All Projects
Abdallah Fathy Mohamed Towards Enhancing the Performance of Various Industrial Processes (Offered for Networking Students)



Bachelor Projects 2020


Industrial Sponsored B.Sc. Thesis Topics (if interested, email responsible Ph.d. holder, Deadline Jan. 21st 2020)

-      Design of a Communication Application using Blockchain Technology (Industrial Sponsor Expleo)

-      A LoRa-Based RF Detector for Cellular Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) (Industrial Sponsor Consultix)


IBM Industrial Sponsored B.Sc. Thesis Topics:

Thesis Title

Thesis Supervisor

Gawla : intelligent Profile based Tour Design

Dr. Mohamed Ashour

Smart Sports: Intelligent Coaching system

Dr. Mohamed Ashour

Correlation of certain chemical compounds in coffee plants with sensory quality traits of the coffee beverage

Dr. Frank Gunzer

Real-Time Communication Interpreter System for Deaf and Dumb people using a Deep Learning Approach  (Capacity 2 Students)

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Ghany

Machine Learning in Antenna Dome Measurements' Enhancement

Dr. Hany Hammad and Eng. Yasmine Abdalla

Optimization of Electromagnetic Wave Absorbers' Properties under Oblique Incidence based on Equivalent Circuit Model Analysis

Dr. Hany Hammad and Eng. Yasmine Abdalla

Learning to Estimate Travel Time for Intelligent Transport Systems using online Machine Learning Algorithms

Dr. Maggie Mashaly

Implementing Machine Learning Algorithm (anomaly detection one class SVM) to detect malware in cloud environment

Dr. Maggie Mashaly

Implementing Machine Learning Algorithm (anomaly detection LOF) to detect malware in cloud environment

Dr. Maggie Mashaly

An Intelligent BLE-Based Localization using Machine Learning

Dr. Tallal Elshabrawy

AI Power Signature Analysis for IOT Attack Detection

Dr. Amr Talaat

Egypt in Depth: Machine learning and Data Analysis

Dr. Amr Talaat

Road Surface Deterioration Analysis using Deep Learning Mechanisms

Dr. Amr Talaat


B.Sc. Thesis Topics on Intranet System (Selection Priority automated by GPA)

-      Theses Supervised by Dr.  Ahmed Elmahdy

-      Theses Supervised by Dr.  Abdelmegid Allam

-      Theses Supervised by Dr.  Hany Hammad

-      Theses Supervised by Dr.  Wassim Alexan

-      Theses Supervised by Dr.  Engy Maher


-      Theses Supervised by Dr. Frank Gunzer

-      Theses Supervised by Dr. Mohamed abdel Ghany

-      Theses Supervised by Dr. Haitham Omran

-      Theses Supervised by Dr. Eman Azab (Mechatronics Projects)

-      Theses Supervised by Dr. Samar Moustafa


-      Theses Supervised by Dr. Tallal Elshabrawy

-      Theses Supervised by Dr. Amr Talaat

-      Theses Supervised by Dr. Mohamed Ashour (Smart Sports - Gawla)

-      Theses Supervised by Dr. Maggie Mashaly


-      Theses Supervised by Eng. Randa Elkhost (Topic1 - Topic 2)

-      Theses Supervised by Eng. Yassmine Abdalla

-      Theses Supervised by Eng. Phoebe Edward (Topic1 - Topic 2) Presentation Slides

-      Theses Supervised by Eng. Minar Elaassar

-      Theses Supervised by Eng. Hadil Eissawy

-      Theses Supervised by Eng. Marwa Zamzam







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