Winter 2020

10/10/2020      Start of Semester

17/10/2020      Start of Tutorials

11/11/2020      Quiz 1

Quiz 1 will be held on Wednesday 11/11/2020 1st slot in C7.01, it will cover lectures 1-2 and tutorials 1-2.

23/11/2020      Office Hours for Midterms


Tuesday 2nd-5th slots
Wednesday 4th slot
Thursday 4th slot

26/11/2020      Quiz 2


Quiz 2 will be held on Thursday 26/11/2020 5th slot in H16, it will cover lectures 3-4 and tutorials 3-4.

28/11/2020      Midterm


Midterm will be held on Saturday 28/11/2020 from 13:30 to 15:30, it will cover lectures 1-7 and tutorials 1-6.

07/12/2020      Assignment


Assignment is posted now.

Submission: hard copy to be submitted to my office.

Deadline: Monday 7th of December 2020 17:00 PM.

03/01/2021      Tutorial Compensation for T9 and T10 ONLY


T9: You will have tutorial on Sunday 3rd of Jan 2nd slot in C3.328 (EMC Lab) instead of Wednesday 6/1, to explain for you last 3 tutorials.


T10: You will have tutorial on Sunday 3rd of Jan 4th slot in C3.328 (EMC Lab) to explain for you last tutorial.

05/01/2021      Quiz 3


Quiz 3 will be held on Tuesday 05/011/2021 1st slot in H2, it will cover last 3 Spanning Tree, Approximation Algorithm and Randomization Algorithm lectures and tutorials.

·         Group I (Odd Tutorials): 8:15 AM - 8:45 AM

·         Group II (Even Tutorials): 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

16/01/2021      Project


Project is now uploaded.



Send zipped code and PDF computerized report to my email, mention your name and ID of each member in your team.



Group of 4 maximum.

Submit your team members in this form:




Hard deadline on Friday 15th of January 2021 11:59 PM.

24/01/2021      Webex Interactive Session



25/01 Questions

01/02 Midterm'20 1st Chance

08/02 Midterm'20 2nd Chance

15/02 Past Final


Webex link: (Every Monday from 15:15 to 16:45)

26/02/2021      Compensation Quiz


Kindly note that the quizzes will be calculated as best 1 out of 2 and there will be compensation quiz.


You are eligible to enter compensation quiz if and only if you missed any of past 2 quizzes other than that you aren't allowed to take it.


Fill the below form to register for compensation quiz: (Deadline to fill it Friday 26/02/2021)