Spring 2020




Quiz 1 will be on Sunday 1st of March at H10 starting from 2:00 pm


Assignment 1 theoretical report should be submitted individually on 5th of March; as for HW and simulation it will be group based submission (2-3 students) and only one circuit. Deadline for HW submission with simulation report 22nd of March.



·         Extra lecture on Sunday (23/2/2020) time and location has changed to 1st slot at C5. 206

·         Assignment 1 is now posted on the website and the deadline on 5th of March 2020




·         There will be extra lecture on Sunday (23/2/2020) 4th slot at H8

·         Quiz 1 will be on Sunday 1/3/2020 at 10:15 am lecture location (C5.211), Quiz will cover PN Junctions and Zener diodes.