Course Outline (Summer 2020)

Electric circuits represent the foundation of electrical engineering studies and practices. All electrical systems can be modeled using the electric circuits approach. Therefore, learning how to build and analyze electric circuits constitute a milestone in building engineering career. This course will provide the students with strong understanding of electric circuits with emphasis on the techniques for analysing electric circuits in steady state and in transient state as well.

Course Instructor:

Dr. Eman Azab                       Email:

Course Teaching Assistant(s):

TA Name



Eng. Monica Wasfy


Eng. Maha Elfeshawy

Practical Labs

Lecture & Tutorials: GUC VOD Platform

Labs: On Campus Every Saturday

Course Objectives:

The main objectives of this course are:

1. To build an understanding of the basic concepts of electric circuits.

2. To apply the basic laws of electric circuits.

3. To learn the different analysis methods of electric circuits.

4. To analyze different configurations of resistive circuits using these methods.

5. To investigate the transient phenomena in electric circuits.

6. To develop the students’ problem solving skills


Text Book

Charles K. Alexander and Matthew Sadiku, “Fundamentals of Electric Circuits” 6Th  Edition, McGrawHill, 2017.

Reference Book

W. Nilsson and S. A. Riedel, “Electric Circuits”, 10th  Edition ,  Upper Saddle River, NJ:  Prentice Hall, 2018. 

Assessment Policy (Summer 2020):




Online Submitted Assignments


Practical Assignments (Lab)


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Final Exam