Summer Semester 2020

[19/7/2020] Important announcements:

1.       Assignment 1 deadline is extended to 22nd of July at 4 pm. Please note that you must solve assignment 1 using KVL and KCL ONLY.

2.       Quizzes will be conducted every Monday (20th, 27th of July and 10th of August) during the tutorial live chat time (10 am) and therefore no live chat will take place at that time and your attendance will be counted from the quiz attendance. Start the quiz exactly at 10 am sharp.

3.       Quiz 1 duration will be 30 minutes and it will include MCQs and Problems where you will upload your solution as a file. So please start to upload the files at least 10 minutes before the quiz end time.

4.       At the end of week 4, you will upload a complete document of the lab reports for the whole course. Even if you didn't attend some lab sessions you can submit these sessions’ reports. You will upload this file via the online submission system. This report will have 15% of the total course grade. 

5.       Please note that the lab knowledge is very important, therefore pay attention in the lab sessions and use the files on VOD dedicated for the lab as a reference. You can ask Eng. Maha for assistance.