Flowchart: Process: You can Join IEEE as a member 
•	You will get the IEEE membership benefits and you have to pay the membership fees  
You can also Join GUC-IEEE Student Branch whether you are an IEEE member or not both memberships are Separate issues
•	It is Totally free and it is some sort of student activities supported by the IEEE international organization














In this part a brief description will be given to explain how to be an IEEE member

Then the steps needed to be GUC-IEEE student branch member


Rounded Rectangle: 7 Steps to Be an IEEE Member







Pentagon: Step1




Log onto www.IEEE.org



Click on





Pentagon: Step2





Then click on

Begin join process





Pentagon: Step3




Join Online



Pentagon: Step4





Filling your account information


Note: your username MUST be in Uppercase





Pentagon: Step5



Filling Address Information (For the magazine delivery)


Note: if you don’t know your postal code, call 140



Pentagon: Step6



Filling Education Information



Pentagon: Step7


Payment Step



Choose proceed




Selectà checkout






It is your choice whether

·       to pay online

·       Or to print out this form to pay via bank “swift transfer”





Rounded Rectangle: 2 Steps to Be 
A GUC-IEEE student branch Member









Download the following CV template and fill it

                                                GUC-IEEE CV_template




Send an email to:



                Subject    : Join GUCIEEE student branch

                Attached to the mail the previous form after filling it with your information


For further information you may also contact: