Spring 2018

30/01/2018      Reference Material


V:\Faculties\Information & Engineering Technology\NETW 501 Communication Networks\Reference

01/03/2018       Quiz 1


Quiz 1 will be held on Thursday 1st of March in H13 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. It will cover Lectures 1-4 and tutorials 1-3.

13/03/2018       Midterm


Midterm will be on Monday 19th of March from 11:00 AM to 13:00 PM. It will cover Lectures 1-6 (till slide 12 INCLUDED) and tutorials 1-5.

03/04/2018       Quiz 2


Quiz 2 will be on Tuesday 3rd of April from 16:30 PM to 17:15 PM in Exam Halls. It will cover MAC Lectures and Error Control and Flow Control Lecture (Theoretical only) and tutorials 6-7 (till problem 6 INCLUDED).

03/04/2018       Project


Project description posted

Deadline for Project Submission (milestone 1 and 2) Saturday 21/4/2018 11:59 PM.

Maximum Group of 5 (cross tutorials members are allowed)


Team Submission form link: https://goo.gl/forms/0rcmFGBZpNZZMlDo2

Deadline for submitting team members form Wednesday 18/4/2018.

There will be deduction for late submission team’s form.

18/04/2018       Quiz 3


Quiz 3 will be on Tuesday 24th of April from 16:30 PM to 17:15 PM in D1.001. It will cover Error control and Flow Control (ARQs) 3 Lectures and tutorials 8-9.

21/04/2018       Project Milestone 3


Project description posted

Deadline for Project Submission and Evaluation (milestone 3) Thursday 3/5/2018.

08/05/2018       Project Evaluation


Evaluation and Deadline milestone 3 had been extended to Tuesday 8/5/2018.

Reserve evaluation slot in advance

Doodle sheet: https://doodle.com/poll/ive33e4yfug2kmvk


09/05/2018       Compensation Quiz


For those who only missed any of 3 quizzes

Compensation Quiz will be on Wednesday 9/5/2018 2nd slot it will cover Lecture: Interconnecting Networks: Hubs and Bridges and Tutorial 11.

You have to send Dr.Maggie a mail in advance Dr. Maggie's mail: maggie.ezzat@guc.edu.eg

14/05/2018       Final


The final will include from Lecture 5 - Medium Access Control till the end and tutorials 6-11.