Spring 2018


[28th of Apr. 2018] Assignment 3 is now posted on the course website, the deadline is on 3rd of May 2018, please note that the assignments will be counted as best one out of three


[23rd of Apr. 2018] The course project deadline is now postponed to 30th of April 2018


[4th of Apr. 2018] Quiz 2 will be during the tutorials on Tuesday 17th of April 2018. The quiz will cover differential amplifiers, Cross attendance is not allowed.


[3rd of Apr. 2018] Lecture on 7th of April will be canceled and compensated on Sat. 14th of April 4th slot at H2.


[3rd of Apr. 2018] Assignment 2 is now available online through the McGraw Hill Connect website of our course under the name “Differential Amplifiers” (Homework). You will solve the assignment questions online, please use the student guide on the course website for help.

The assignment is available from 3rd to 12th of April 2018. The system will close at 11:59 pm on 12th of April.

Note that: the online course registration is still open in case you didn’t register at the beginning of the semester (use the pdf guide on ELCT604 eee website for assistance).


[3rd Mar. 2018] Assignment 1 deadline is postponed to 12th of March 2018


[18th Feb. 2018] Assignment 1 is now posted on the course website, the deadline is on 4th of March 2018


[2nd Feb. 2018] Quiz 1 will be on Sunday 18th of Feb. 2018. The quiz will be at H10. It will start at 10:15 am. The quiz will cover BJT and PN Junctions DC Analysis


[14th Feb. 2018] Online course materials using McGraw Hill Connect app is available through this link: http://connect.mheducation.com/class/e-azab-elect6th

For assistance the user guide PdF is available on the course schedule webpage