Winter 2014:



Final Exam Structure:

- 5 questions: question # 1 (40 marks) and questions # 2,3,4, and 5, 15 marks each. (Total = 100 marks).

-Question # 1: Short answer questions (11 parts) covering all the theoretical parts over all lectures.

-Question # 2: Two problems: A. intrinsic Si, extrinsic Si, carrier transport and pn junction physics and B. diode circuits

-Question # 3: One problem: BJT circuits

-Question # 4: Two problems: A. MOSFET circuits and B. BJT physics

-Question # 5: Two problems: A. MOSFET physics and B. BJT circuits



·       Each tutorial will include a quiz at the end of the tutorial on the content of the tutorial. 


·       There will be no assignments. Instead you will have to deliver a presentation about a specific topic from several topics specified in the lecture.

There will be an extra lecture to deliver your presentations. The timing of the slot will be announced soon



·       The Lab Project Evaluation Schedule on Thursday 11/12/2014:


Group No

Evaluation Time


Ahmed Osama Mohamed Hassan El Gohary

Karim Tamer Mohamed Tawfik Mekawy

Sameh Aly Eldien Mostafa Ahmed


8:30 à 8:45





Mohamed Mohamed Saeid Tolba El Hadad

Mostafa Omar Mohamed Ali El-Swafy

Mohamed Aboul-Ela Moawad Abo El Ela


8:45à 9:00





Shady Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Soliman

Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Moiem Elsiginy

9:00 à 9:15





Ahmed Gamal Aboulela Ahmed

Ahmed Atef Mohamed Kamal Eldin Abdelfa Laz

9:15 à9:30





Sherif Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Elsherbiny

Abd Alraof Hany Abd Alraof Hamza

Mohamed Ashraf Abdel Monaem El Safty


9:30 à 9:45





Mohamed Bahaa El Deen Maohmed El Dafrawy

Khaled Mohamed Essam Ahmed Mohamed

Hassan Ibrahim Hassan Mohamed


9:45 à 10:00





Mohamed Mamdouh Abdelaziz Mostafa

Mostafa Mohamed Ismail Abdel Megid

10:00 à 10:15





Youssef Mohamed Abd El Naby Saleh

Abdelrahman Mohamed Mostafa Ali Ghidan

10:15 à 10:30





Mounir Basel Mounir Ahmed Hassan

Islam Tarek Mohamed Alaa` El Din El Gammal

10:30 à 10:45





Mahmoud Mohamed Ibrahim Youssef

Omar Mohamed Ahmed Foad El Awadi

Ali Ahmed Mohamed Gamaleldin Abou-Ghaly


10:45 à11:00





Bassem Tarek Abdelrahman El Sayed Safieldeen

Ramy Nahmia Wesly Aziz

11:00 à 11:15





Mahmoud Ahmed Ashraf Taha Ahmed Ashour

Merna Ehab Hafez Mohamed Gad

11:15 à 11:30





Karim Adel Shams Aldeen Alkhouly

Mina Mikhael Dakran Beshara

11:30 à 11:45




Reem Walid Gamal El Din El Sayed Etman

Eman Emad El Din Mohamed Abdel Hamid


11:45 à12:00





Yara Mohsin Mohammad Abd El Hamid Gowayed

Nourhan Shamel El-Hamawy

12:00 à 12:15





Mohamed Amgad Hussein Abbas Ayad

Mohamed Abo Elkher Ahmed

Mohamed Ashraf Abdel Monaem El Safty




12:15 à 12:30





Khalid Ashraf Mohie

Malak Mohamed Galal

Duha Yasser Mahmoud Abdel Azeam Mahmoud

12:30 à 12:45