[21-11-2018] & [26-11-2018]

Kindly note that Quiz2 will be held in your lectures in these days and it will include ASM.


[5-12-2018] & [10-12-2018]


Kindly note that Quiz3 will be held in your lectures in these days. Quiz 3 will include lectures 8, 9 and sheets 8, 10  (pipelining and carry skip adders).




Here is the link of your grades in Project1





Kindly note that Assignment 2 is now on the system. And it will be submitted in A4 paper.

The deadline is next Week on Thursday 6/12/2018


Deliverables of the project:

1. Hardware of project

2. Printed Report

3. Video on a flash/CD

4. ALL members of the team must be present for evaluation

5. Minimum number of 10 students/ group



Kindly check that the deadline of the project is extended till 9/12/2018