Spring 2018


Quiz 3 will be held as follows: 


The formula sheet of the final is available (Click here)

The material is:  Discrete Fourier series and continuous Fourier transform


Signal & System Theory Q3

Tuesday, May 08, 2018


MET & IET in Exam Halls

Exam Halls





- There is a compensation lecture for Group II- MET- Wednesday 2/5/2018-first slot in



Assignment-2 deadline is 3/5/2018. Go to the schedule to download it





Signals LAB Quiz 2” will take place during the lab slots in the week starting from 17th April 2018. It will include all LAB materials (from Lab 1 to Lab 6)


Lab assignment is postponed to 12/4/2018



Sheet 4 solution




The modified formula sheet of Mid-Term is available (click here). You have to memorize any rule that does not written in it.


The materials till the end of Lecture 4 (Except the Cont. Convolution)



The deadline of the assignment is postponed to 25/3/2018