Spring 2018


[15/5/2018] The final exam will only include the material from lectures 1 through 9.


[7/4/2018] Quiz 2 is scheduled for this week. The material covered by the quiz is the contents of lectures 5 and 6.


[8/3/2018] The course assignment is now available on the system. Its deadline is 12/4/2018.


[8/3/2018] The midterm exam will cover lectures 1 – 5.


[19/2/2018] The remaining group presentations for the project will run as per the following schedule:


Lecture day and date

Names of students in a group

Thursday 22/2

Marwa Tarek

Esraa Samir

Sara Farrag

Salma Rageb

Nouran Hisham

Thursday 1/3

Mahmoud Gouda

Abdelrahman Taha

Mohamed Yasser

Amr Shehab

Yehia Mobasher

Thursday 8/3

Hisham Youssef Hassan

Malek Saad Abdelmawgood

Ahmed Abdulsattar

Bahaa Hussien

Yara Tarek El-Maghraby

Morad Abdulsattar

Thursday 22/3

Ammar Yasser

Ahmed Said

Abdelrahman Mohamed

Amr Ossam

Amir Hossam

Mahmoud El Maghraby

Mohamed Galal

Thursday 29/3

Youssef Essam

Karim Ahmed

Omar Hisham

Ahmed Ali

Omar Nabil

Thursday 12/4

Saleh Megahed

Andrew Hisham

Khaled El Feky

Mohamed Ismail

Nail Ezzat

Omar Sherif

Thursday 19/4

Fady Selim

Ahmed Abdelmegid

Abdelrahman Soliman

Amr Mohamed

Ahmed Bahaa

Omar Mobarak

Ahmed Ragab

Thursday 26/4

Zayed Gharib

Yahia Mohamed

Amr Mohamed Osama

Mohamed Tarek


Ayah Shalaby

Amgad Mohamed



[5/2/2018] The course project description is posted on the course schedule now.