Quiz2 is held on Monday 10/04/2017

The contents include Butler, Bless and autocorrelation function

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Important 24/4/2016

ISA the evaluation of the project will be according to the following schedule:

Tuesday 26/4/2016 g1,g3,g5,g7,g9,g11,g13,g15,g17,g19,    30 minutes for each

Tuesday 27/4/2016 g2,g4,g6,g8,g10,g12,g14,g16,g18,g20,  30 minutes for each

The evaluation will start at 9:00 am sharp

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Important 21/3/2016

Assignment 2 is uploaded on the system

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The project, its temple and values are uploaded as three different sheets

Please have a look